Interior Treatments from Accent Pest Control, Inc.

Inside treatments for residential and commercial buildings:

Accent Pest Control, Inc. has several programs a customer can choose.

  • One Shot Service:  This is mainly an adult kill.  This is recommended if the customer has a very light infestation.  This service is a one-time treatment only and has a no-charge call back within 30 days from the initial application.
  • Monthly Service:  This is the most highly recommended service.  The Certified Applicators will service according to the season and the different pests that may invade the home or business.  They may change chemicals to control the pests.  In order to be on a regularly scheduled program, an initial treatment must first be done.  When a customer chooses to go on a monthly service program, the first treatment of each calendar month is the charge service.  From that treatment date until the end of that month they may have a no-charge retreatment if the need should arise.
  • Bi-monthly Service:  This program is for customers who have most of their pests under control.  This program is mainly for preventative measures and will be scheduled every other month.
  • Quarterly Service:  This is an intensive inside treatment.  Sometimes a quarterly service will include an outside foundation spray with the power sprayer unit.

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